What do the Pin Grades mean?

I check each pin individually to determine what grade it falls under. All pins are handmade and therefore errors are common. No pin is perfect. These lists are not extensive, this is just to give an idea of what to expect. 

Detailed breakdowns of each grade are shown below. 

- A GRADE: Will have small flaws, in the metal or enamel such as tiny dents, tiny scratches and/or tiny marks/dots etc. Not very noticeable at all.

- B GRADE: Has more flaws than A GRADE pins but mostly noticeable more close up. These are great for those on a budget but still want a nice looking pin. - Including but not limited to: areas of uneven enamel, small spots of missing enamel, scratches in the enamel or metal, small areas of over-spill in the eneamel, dust or marks in and on the enamel, uneven glitter, wonky/bent pin backs, thick/uneven metal & other errors in the metal etc 

- C GRADE: Has the most flaws that are much more obvious to the naked eye. Great if you want to grab a cheap version of a pin design for wearing daily. -Including but not limited to: large pieces of missing enamel, incorrect colours used in different areas, larger areas of uneven enamel, large areas of over-spill in the enamel, wonky/bent pin backs, large scratches & errors in the metal work etc 

PLEASE NOTE: Photos of individual pins and errors CANNOT be provided.

What is an Enamel Pin Pre-order?

I will sometimes put some pin designs up for pre-order on the shop. These will be pin designs already in production or pins I wish to make. Pre-orders help to make sure the pins you want get made! I usually offer a limited number of pre-orders at a reduced price. The pre-order post will state the expected time frame for the design. Please note that these can change based of things out of my control. I always post updates on my Instagram.

How do you ship your enamel pins?

We have 3 different sizes of backing cards, small, medium and large. Small can fit 1 or 2 pins depending on size, medium can fit 3-5 pins depending on size and large can fit 4+ depending on size. All backing cards are the same apart from the backing card for the Book Stack pins which have their own backing card. If you do not want pins on the same backing card (such as for a gift etc) then please do leave a note in the cart (bottom left of the cart page) when checking out.

The metal on my pin(s) has started to change colour? What do I do?

It is very common for silver plating to tarnish over time and it is completely normal!

You can buy a range of different cloths/wipes or liquid polish specifically designed to clean silver plated items. I would recomment using something soft and not using too much of it as sometimes it can cause some of the rust to stick on the enamel, making it look dirty (espcially if your pin has white enamel on it!)

Gold plating can sometimes tarnish a little but is not as common. Again there are supplies avaible specifically for gold plated metals you can buy but generally I have found very little issue with gold plating tarnishing. People have also tried Toothpaste.

Please note that this is totally normal and unavoidable, no refunds will be given for pins that tarnish over time. No refunds will be given to pins that may have been damaged during polishing.

Will you restock X pin design?

99% of the time the answer will be No. Unless there is HUGE demand for a restock, then I will consider doing a restock. If you design is 1+ year old then I will not restock it, period.

Are you currently open for commissions?

Yes!  I am open to work on pretty much any kind of design idea you have. I have done a few different designs, including for: prints, bookmarks, notepads, fabric, enamel keychains and many enamel pins!
I have worked with larger companies such as Illumicrate, smaller ones such as Book Hooked Box and WeRead Box as well as individuals to create designs for them to make in to an item to sell. 

Interested? Email me felfiramoondesigns@gmail.com and we can talk details!

Please note: I am open to most things but I am currently not doing graphics such as logos, blog headers, icons etc. I do not provide production for clients who commission me, you must find your own manufacturers. Commissions are not a way to request me to make a specific design for my own shop.

What kind of commissions do you accept?

Felfira Moon Designs is available for a range of commissions!
Including but not limited to: pin design, illustrations, blog headers, blog/social media icons etc. FMD is always open to designing for new things so if you have an idea, please do not hesitate to send us an email to discuss! 

Please note: None of the prices quoted by FELFIRA MOON DESIGNS include production of products (such as pins, bookmarks or prints etc) The client is responsible for production.

Please email felfiramoondesigns@gmail.com with your request for a commission and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Previous work includes: - Enamel keychain, enamel chain bookmark and fabric designs for Illumicrate - Bookmark and notepad designs for Book Hooked Box -Enamel pin designs for We Read Box - Enamel pin designs for The Paper Witches

Do you still ship to EU member countries?

Yes! Please check the Ordering & Shipping page for more specific information, such as timeframes, customs/VAT/import fee information etc.

I am not happy with my item/service, how do I contact you?

If you have any issues with the item you recieved or the service Felfira Moon Designs provided, please contact us on felfiramoondesigns@gmail.com and we will try our best to help you and resolve any issue you may have.

If your issue is a postal issue, please contact your local postal service who will be able to assist you.

Is all your packaging eco-friendly?

Currently, only our washi tape is shipped in plastic. Any other clear sleeve is actually made from vegetable starch and will have a sticker on to let you know it is biodegradable and compostable. Everything else is shipped on/in paper or a resuable pouch or gift box. If you have any questions about what your item ship on or in, please do send us a message.