Who are you? Hi, I'm Fiona! I'm the owner and sole worker behind Felfira Moon Designs! I'm a 30 something year old from Greater Manchester though as of late 2022 I live in Edinburgh, Scotland!! I work from my home which I share with my husband and 2 cats! I'm an animation graduate and ex-bookseller turned full time designer and shop runner.

Where did Felfira Moon Designs come from? I quit my bookselling career back in 2018 to find something new and ideally get out of working retail. I had just gotten into collecting enamel pins and finding other artists and small business owners online. A couple months of planning later, I did my first Kickstarter which was what launched me into the world of making pins and other fun objects!

The name itself comes from my desire to have my initials (FM) be the initials for my business. So it wasn't just my name but it also had it's own name that was still related to me in some way. I knew right away I wanted the second word to be Moon. After a lot of thinking and wondering, I stumbled across an old blog of mine where I went by the name Felfira. Felfira is mash up of two characters I used to draw as a teen/20something year old and I hold them very close to my heart still. Their names were Fira and Felantha aka Fel. It was like a lightbulb went off. I felt like Felfira Moon wasn't quite complete so I added Designs and the rest as they say, is history!

Want to know more about me and the running of FMD?

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