Felfira Moon Designs is open for commissions!

I have done a few different types of commissions, including for: prints, bookmarks, notepads, fabric, enamel keychains and many enamel pins!

I have worked with a range of companies to bring items to life:
~ Illumicrate: Fabric pattern, enamel keychain & enamel bookmark designs
~ Fairyloot: Enamel pin design
~ FaeCrate: Enamel pin design
~ Bookish Box: Enamel pin design
~ Abraxas Box: Enamel pin & Coaster designs
~ Book Hooked Box: Bookmarks, notepads, tote bags, mug, artwork for prints, logo & packaging
~ WeRead Box: Enamel pin designs

As well as individuals to create designs for them to make in to an item to sell, such as bookmarks, enamel pins etc.

*I do not provide production for clients who commission me, you must find your own manufacturers.*

Interested? Email me and we can talk details!

Please note: I am currently not doing graphics such as logos, blog headers, icons etc. Commissions are not a way to request me to make a specific design for my own shop.

Here are some photos of items I have designed!