Upcycled Pin Banner - Tropical
Upcycled Pin Banner - Tropical
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Upcycled Pin Banner - Tropical

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This Upcycled Pin Banner is made using an unwanted t-shirt!! All upcycled items of fabric used have been cleaned & ironed. T-shirt fabric can tend to 'bobble' and as much as I have tried to remove them some may still remain. This does not affect functionality of the banner.

Fabric - Height: Approx 26cm from point to top. Width: Approx 19cm
Dowel - Length: Approx 21cm

Interfacing, fabric from a t-shirt, cotton thread, wooden dowel & cord

Using this pin banner:
These pin banners are designed to hold pins but please be careful where you put your pins. To stop the fabric from hanging strangely please try to place pins as evenly as possible on the pin banner. Also note that pins WILL leave a hole in the fabric so try not to move your pins around too often so the banner can stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

Please note:
This item has been hand cut, sewn on my sewing machine, hand sewn, painted and finished all by me! Because this is a hand made piece please note that there may be small errors in the approx size and materials. Care has been taken to make this the best it can be <3

Due to these items being handmade, I cannot replace them if something happens to them. Therefore it is RECOMMENDED for international customers to select a TRACKED SHIPPING option.

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