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*SALE* C Grade Enamel Pins

*SALE* C Grade Enamel Pins

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All these pins are heavily discounted due to flaws. Here is the list of things you might see on a C Grade pin from the FAQ page:

C GRADE: Has the most flaws that are much more obvious to the naked eye. Great if you want to grab a cheap version of a pin design for wearing daily. -Including but not limited to: large pieces of missing enamel, incorrect colours used in different areas, larger areas of uneven enamel, large areas of over-spill in the enamel, wonky/bent pin backs, large scratches & errors in the metal work or enamel etc.

It is not a finite list but gives you an idea what to expect. Some designs will have the same flaw throughout whereas most will have random different flaws throughout the same design. I cannot confirm exactly what the flaws on your pins will be, it will be random when packing orders.

*Please note the photos used in this listing SHOW SOME EXAMPLES OF POSSIBLE FLAWS. Some pins may have similar/same flaws, some may have different flaws. Photos cannot show all flaws clearly as some are more visible from certain angles. Text on the images is to highlight example/common issues on that design*

  • Information about the different pin grades and answers to other questions can be found on our FAQ page.
  • Please check the ORDERING & SHIPPING page for details on updates on dispatch times and shipping information.
  • If you need more assistance, please CONTACT US and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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