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*PRE-ORDER* PJO Quote Enamel Pin (SHIP EST: MAY 2023)

*PRE-ORDER* PJO Quote Enamel Pin (SHIP EST: MAY 2023)

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UPDATE: 9/1/23 - Pins paid for and ordered. Production in progress.

Inspired by Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan


What is a necessary pre-order?
This is a pre-order that MUST reach maximum capacity by selling all slots for it to be put into production. Pre-order slots ARE LIMITED. No extra slots will be added if all are sold out. If all slots are not sold by the end of the pre-order period, the pre-order will be cancelled (Any money taken will be refunded and all customers contacted)

Why should I pre-order?
Pre-orders not only help fund production, they are key in knowing if there is demand for a product. And as an added bonus, you get a small discount; the pre-order price. This pin will be:

A grade pre-order price: £13.50 (General purchase price will be: £14.50)
B grade pre-order price: £11 (General purchase price will be: £12)
(Please see our FAQ for information on differences between grades)

The pre-order is sold out/slots are full but I really want one, what do I do!?
This pre-order will be helping to pay for 50 pieces so there will be stock available after the pre-orders have been fulfilled in a few months time. The best way to keep an eye on this is to follow FMD on social media or sign up to our email newsletter to be the first to get access to remaining stock when it becomes available.

When will the pre-orders ship?
The estimated shipping for pre-orders is the end of May 2023. This is taking into consideration as many factors as possible that could cause delays (for example: the holiday for Chinese new year in February) This is just an estimate, NOT a guarentee. You will get a shipping notification once your pre-order ships. If there are any huge problems that will delay things further than May, then pre-order customers will recieve direct emails explaining the delays to keep them updated.

What else should I know about this pre-order?
The information and image(s) provided here are for refenence and none of them are a guarentee. Sometimes details must be changed during production to make it look/work better and there is always a difference when converting a drawing to a pyshical product, so please keep these things in mind when pre-ordering.
Any items ordered a longside this pre-order will be held till the pre-order is ready to ship. If you wish to have any other items shipped sooner, please place a separete order. This is to cover shipping costs correctly.

- Hard Enamel
- Silver Plated
- Glitter
- Screenprint
- 70mm
- 2 pin backs
- FMD Backstamp
*New big quote pins will no longer come in a pouch, but on a bigger backing card

  • Information about the different pin grades and answers to other questions can be found on our FAQ page.
  • Please check the ORDERING & SHIPPING page for details on updates on dispatch times and shipping information.
  • If you need more assistance, please CONTACT US and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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