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*End of Line SALE* Floral and Bones Pin Banners

*End of Line SALE* Floral and Bones Pin Banners

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    Option 1

    • Fabric - Height: Approx 28cm from top to bottom point. Width: Approx 11cm
    • Dowel - Length: Approx 19cm

    Option 2

    • Fabric - Height: Approx 16cm from top to bottom point. Width: Approx 24cm
    • Dowel - Length: Approx 28cm

    Option 3

    • Fabric - Height: Approx 31cm from top to bottom point. Width: Approx 24cm
    • Dowel - Length: Approx 28cm


    • 100% cotton fabric featuring a red and blue pattern of bones/skulls/floral/moths etc on a white background.
    • 100% cotton in white on the back
    • Interfacing O1 (attached to both sides inside to give it some strength) or Fusible fleece O2 & O3 (attached to the front fabric on the inside to give ever support to the material)
    • Wooden dowel with plastic caps O1 only and faux suede to hang it up with.

    Using this pin banner:
    These pin banners are designed to hold pins but please be careful where you put your pins, for example place them away from any stitching so not to catch and break any thread. Do not overload. Also note that pins WILL leave a hole in the fabric so try not to move your pins around too often so the banner can stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

    Please note:
    This item has been hand cut, sewn on my sewing machine, hand sewn and finished all by me! Because this is a hand made piece please note that there may be small errors in the approx size and details. Care has been taken to make this the best it can be <3

    Your banner will arrive folded so may have crease(s) across it. You can iron the banner on a suitable setting for cotton on your iron. Otherwise it will fall out over time once hung up without ironing.
    Due to these items being handmade, I cannot easily replace them if something happens to them. Therefore it is RECOMMENDED for international customers to select a TRACKED SHIPPING option.

    • Please check our FAQ page for answers to any questions you may have.
    • Please check the ORDERING & SHIPPING page for details on updates on dispatch times and shipping information.
    • If you need more assistance, please CONTACT US and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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