Next shipping days: Wednesday 15th July & Tuesday 21st July
Next shipping days: Wednesday 15th July & Tuesday 21st July
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Pin Grading

I check each pin individually to determine what grade it falls under. All pins are handmade and therefore errors are common.

Detailed breakdowns of each grade are shown below.

- A GRADE: Will have small flaws, in the metal or enamel such as tiny dents or tiny marks.

- SECONDS (B GRADE): Has more flaws than A GRADE pins but only noticeable close up. These are usual great for those on a budget but still want a nice looking pin.
- Including but not limited to: areas of uneven enamel, small spots of missing enamel, small scratches in the enamel or metal, dust or marks in and on the enamel & small errors in the metal.

- SECONDS (C GRADE): Has the most flaws that are much more obvious to the naked eye. Great if you want to grab a cheap version of a pin design for wearing daily.
-Including but not limited to: large pieces of missing enamel, incorrect colours used in different areas, larger areas of uneven enamel, over-spill in the enamel, scratches & errors in the metal work.

PLEASE NOTE: Photos of individual pins and errors CANNOT be provided.

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